Web Design Experience

The web is continually changing but the one constant is the desire / need for users to have an awesome experience while surfing. It should be the duty of all web designers and developers to design, develop and deploy highly ready production level code that creates the best possible user experience. Unfortunatley, most web designers and developers are more interested in chasing the next sale and hurrying through the build.

Why do developers cut corners?

They can get away with it… Most clients are not even going to know nor understand the difference between quality web work and piss poor web work. The developer can blame the slow speed on something like the clients host or the fact the client wanted that slide etc… The issue of cutting corners is huge in web design and development because the client doesn’t know how to audit the web builders work. The sad truth is most devleopers don’t continually learn. A developer may learn Joomla or WordPress and then sticks with it from then on. An individual or company building those drag and drop sites often uses theme clubs, loads a theme into an empty CMS and then cut and paste the theme content with the client content - and then do nothing about all that’s not used or left undone.

Web Design Experience Goals

1.) To explore, research, implement, test, monitor and blog about the latest web technologies and best practices in the web design and development field and their potential and/or actual impact on the user experience.

2.) Help users audit their websites quickly and easily. Isolate what it is that makes a great user experience and present the means by which naive clients can test their website or web app user experience.

3.) Evaluate web design companies and agencies websites and web apps in geographical areas to determine who the best of the best is in various regions.