Today I launched, a desktop application viewer of secure websites and pwa's with shareable URL's.

Why for desktop use only?

The website is designed to be a means for checking the responsive breakpoints of websites and progressive web apps we build and design for our clients. In that purpose, you're able to see the views for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile phones during and after the development process by simply placing the URL of the site or pwa within the url bar.

Only secure sites and pwa's

Due to security concerns and issues, the will only display those websites or progressive web apps that are secure protocol https://

Will not work with some sites & pwa's

Additionally, websites can block their websites / progressive web apps from being embedded, so some secure websites will not work. For instance, you cannot embed websites like,, or google+.

Video: secure viewer in action is a desktop application secure viewer for checking the responsive breakpoints of various websites and progressive web apps.

Multi-device viewer by Cloud Radix

As you can see from the embedded version of the site below, the viewport is set for desktop viewing only. Please click the link in the "View on" section below to see and interact with website on desktop.

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